Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

There is no real social group in our title sequence as it involves only a serial killer. Instead, I will show the small group of killers and how they are represented. Killers are fairly rare in reality but within the movie world, they are constantly being refined and looked into in hope for the most realistic and original killer possible. Some of the best movies that have been produced involve killers such as "The Godfather", "Shawshank Redemption"or even "Silence of the Lambs". There is massive interest in killers so we used to our advantage in multiple ways.

Killers in society are usually the way they because they are psychotic. This meant that we wanted to bring this psychotic representation into our title sequence which we did by using an effect called "Bad TV" which made the title sequence look like it was changing channels on an old TV set. This created the perfect effect for our title sequence as it connoted the rapid and chaotic mind of the killer.

In films and programmes that involve a serial killer, the identity of the killer is not usually shown early on in the film but is instead later on. We used this in our title sequence as we wanted the identity of the killer to be a surprise. To ensure this, we used extreme close-ups and close-ups of only the killers body from his chest down. This meant that no one would know the identity of the killer until later on in the film.

Monday, 28 April 2014

How did you attract/address your audience?

Our target audience for our film is white, British males and females. In order for us to attract this audience to watch our film we had to make sure that we included features in our title sequence that would grab their attention instantly and continue their interest throughout the title sequence. To create this interest our group made our title sequence have a dark and gritty effect, created using low key lighting, close-ups and also the violent actions which we showed our killer doing such as strangling a young girl.

Another massive part of our title sequence attracting our target audience was the sound that we used. Sound plays a huge role in attracting the audience as it helps to create suspense and also gives a dark and aery atmosphere to the title sequence. Along with sound, cinematography and lighting was also vital to our title sequence as it applies emotions to it which creates a heavily needed mood for this movie genre

Friday, 11 April 2014

Evaluation- Using and Learning About New Technologies

For our title sequence, editing was a huge factor and needed to be perfect in order for our work to turn out the way that we wanted it to. So that we could get the end product that our group desperately wanted, we had to use some technologies that no one in our group had used before such as Bullet Time Looks which is a different editing software compared to Final Cut Pro which we chose not to use as Bullet Time Looks offered a better quality of editing, making it easier to edit the lighting, colour and contrast. Bullet Time Looks also had the effect that we felt was best for our title sequence. By using Bullet Time Looks, Liam was able to edit our darker shots to look lighter with ease by being able to edit shots individually instead of on Final Cut  Pro where the whole footage would be edited which isn't very good because some of the shots differ completely from each other with some being lighter and darker than others.

For our shots we didn't have the use of a dolly at all but only a tri-pod, so this limited us when it came to actually filming our shots as many title sequences use panning and tracking shots so that the titles flow a lot easier and better.

A problem that we encountered was that the first DSLR camera that we used to film the majority of our title sequence, drained its batteries extremely quickly and we were only getting around 25-30 minutes of filming for each set of AA batteries that we used. Although this was a problem, it helped to teach me that re-chargeable battery packs are more sufficient than using AA batteries and having to buy new ones constantly.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Evaluation- Audience

We decided that our target audience for our film would be white british males and females aged between 15 and 30 years old. They would have a yearly income of around £31,000 but their disposable  income was not decided as it would vary depending on bills that they pay. This film would mainly attract a British audience as it has an all British cast, British location, British production companies and a British director.  Although there is mainly a British audience, there would also be an smaller American target audience. This is because Americans have a love for British films but for the rom-com films including actors such as Colin Firth and Hugh Grant, and not really our film idea. This is why we would only attract a much smaller American audience compared to British.

For pre-production we looked into films such as "Se7en" and how it was marketed to reach a wide audience like it did but also considering that our film isn't alike to British films that made it big in the American film industry and Hollywood. We used our research to see who we would be targeting and how we would specifically target them.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Evaluation- Institution

Because of our genre and sub-genre we chose New Line Cinema as our institute to distribute our film as they have produced films like our own before with the likes of "Se7en" which was extremely successful with a worldwide gross of $316,400,000. By choosing New Line Cinema as our institute to distribute our film, we will be able to hopefully have the same kind of success as "Se7en" but instead have a wider British audience rather than American as it has more of a British feel to it as it is located in England. We would still be able to get a large American audience due to the actors that will be playing the roles of the characters in our film.
Evaluation- Brief

Our brief for this task was to design and and then create a title sequence, making sure that we followed the codes and conventions of the genre of our title sequences. We then had to film this title sequence that we had created ourselves and look into the marketing side of it and also our target audience.

Our title sequence is about a psychotic serial killer based in Greenwich who keeps a diary of his murders, including what happened whilst he was doing them and how the protagonist of the film Lawrence Ansen was close to catching him. The killer also keeps small reminders from his murders such as earrings from the women which he keeps as his prized possessions, hanging them up on the walls of his run down shed.

Our sub-genre for this film is "suspense thriller" which was inspired by films such as "Zodiac", "Prisoners" and especially "Se7en", which ended up being the main inspiration behind our title sequence. By using this as a sub-genre, we can now play on the audience's minds by bringing them into the killers psychotic mind and eventually having their attention completely focused on the film.